Almost organic mama

I want everything my daughter touches or eats to be safe for her, but let’s face it, we can’t protect our little ones from everything. We try our best to buy her organic foods, but once we leave our house, it’s hard to stay organic in our area. It’s also super expensive! I’m sure many other mamas are dealing with the same challenge, but we all do our best. I am relentless with product research and try to help all the new mamas I know with creating the best baby registry for them. This is why I created (Almost) Organic Mama. I want to share what I’ve learned and discovered with all of you!

We also try to limit her exposure to products with known carcinogens, limit plastics in anything that touches her food and use EWG to make sure the products we put on her body are safe. We avoid fragrances in all products. I mean babies smell amazing already…who needs fragrance!

When it comes to toys and baby products, we love wood toys but it has been impossible for us to avoid plastic toys. She has her fair share of little tikes, vtech and Fisher Price toys which all seem to be plastic. Just being conscious of what we are purchasing has led us to purchase many more wood toys and toys from companies like Green Toys, Green Sprouts, EverEarth, and Hape.

I will be sharing all of our favorite products to help you with your purchase decisions along with building the best, (almost) organic baby registry. You can always trust that the opinions you read here are solely mine.


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