Our (almost) transition to organic solid foods

As parents, we have a natural need to make sure our child is well fed. When our child does not eat, we feel like we have failed. I knew that I wanted to avoid processed foods as much as possible and get her eating real food like veggies, fruits, nuts and dairy, but I was a […]

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Gradually going organic

Let’s be clear about where we fall on the organic spectrum. We are a mainstream, middle-class family and not crunchy hippies. Our goal with going organic was purely focused on health. We care about the environment and recycle, but we were not committed enough when we had our daughter to go with cloth diapers. Food We also didn’t […]

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Our (almost) organic gender-neutral nursery

We live in a 100 year old home that we have renovated ourselves over the past 3 years. My favorite part of the renovation process is getting to decorate the rooms when the dirty work is done. We decided that our smaller second floor bedroom would turn into our nursery and stay a nursery for […]

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