Feeding products for your organic baby registry

I made the choice to breastfeed my baby and really focused my baby registry on the products I needed to support breastfeeding when I went back to work like a pump, milk storage bags, and glass baby bottles. What I did not consider was that my baby would start eating real food in her first year. Yeah, I know. This is a first-time mom miss on my part, but I did not register for the items that I needed once my little one started eating food and becoming a toddler. I want to help you from making my mistake and share some of my favorite feeding products for baby’s first year.

Glass Bottles

I decided to register for glass bottles for my little one. Although all baby bottles should be BPA free, I felt safer with glass. I knew we would be washing and heating her bottles many, many times and did not love the thought of her eating all of her meals out of plastic bottles. We used the Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle, 8 Ounce (Pack of 3), so I can only share feedback on these specifically. The bottles are surprisingly durable, but we did lose a couple to drops on our granite countertops. They were dropped on our hardwood floors many times without any issues though. One of my favorite parts of these bottles is that they only have 4 pieces: lid, nipple, cap and bottle. This is extremely helpful when it comes to cleaning the bottles! We did have issues with a few of the caps on the bottles that sometimes did not screw on tight and would leak. Please share in the comments if you found glass bottles that worked perfectly for you!

Here are some other brands in case you are interested: Dr. Brown’s Options Wide Neck Glass Bottles, 2 Pack, Glass, 9 oz, Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottles, 8 Ounce (Pack of 6), Born Free Breeze 9 Ounce 2 Pack Glass Bottle, and Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles 4 Pack Starter Kit (9 oz. & 4 oz. – Gender Neu….

You will also want to make sure to include different flow nipples on your registry like these Philips Avent Natural Nipple Fast Flow – 4 Pack. The different flows equate to the number of holes in the nipple. We went from newborn to medium to fast flow to sippy. The great part about our bottles was that they transitioned easily to sippy cups with these Avent My Penguin Cup Replacement Soft Spouts – 2 ct.

aden + anais Bibs

I registered for one pack of aden + anais Zutano Snap Bib 3 Count, Fairground, 1 Pack to start and quickly learned that I needed about 4 more packs with my little drooler. The aden + anais cotton muslin bibs were a lifesaver for us because of their size and thickness. They were the only bibs that could keep up with the drool and keep her chest dry. Our daycare even commented on how amazing her bibs were because they were much larger and more absorbent than the regular cotton bibs.

Travel High Chair

I originally only registered for phil&teds Lobster Highchair, Black. Although we have loved having this high chair for travel, we did not like it as our everyday high chair. The Lobster secures tightly to an island or table, so we trust it to hold our little one. It also folds flat, so we have packed it in our luggage easily. My biggest pain point with it is that you have to drop the baby down into it and being 5′ 2″ makes that a challenge for me if it is attached to a taller island or table.

High Chair

This may sound very stupid, but I thought that we could go without a high chair and just use the travel high chair on our island. She hated going into the travel high chair until she was at least 8 months, so I really regretted not having a real high chair. I ended up doing extensive high chair research and decided on the OXO Tot Sprout High Chair, Gray/Walnut because it was easy to clean and the base is made of solid wood. Most high chairs have a fabric cushion, and I just did not see myself washing it every day. The OXO Tot Sprout High Chair has a wipeable cushion that velcros in and is easy to clean. I also love that I can put the tray on and off with one hand while holding the baby in the other.

Solid Food Feeder

You can use a solid food feeder to introduce solid foods like banana to your baby. We tried a couple different types of solid food feeders to introduce solids and liked the Boon PULP Silicone Feeder, Pink/Purple the best. It was much easier to clean than the mesh on the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, 2 Pack, Blue/Green. The Boon Feeder also helps to push the food out through the holes and make it easier for your little one to get the food out themselves by chewing and sucking.

Solid Food Bibs

We have the Tommee Tippee Explora Easi Roll Bib, Blue and Green 2 Count (Color may vary), and they are great for solid foods. I keep one at home and one at daycare, and they both have held up great. The bibs are super easy to wash after every meal and keep her as clean as possible now that she self feeds. I love that they are sturdy enough to catch foods, but soft enough that it’s still comfortable for her to wear.

BEABA Babycook Pro 2X

I decided to try making my own baby food after a friend told me how easy it was for her. I registered for the BEABA Babycook Pro 2X, Latte Mint to help make the process a little easier. The Beaba Babycook Pro 2X has 2 containers that can steam the foods simultaneously and one side that allows you to also blend the food. After her first foods, I started making 2 different foods at the same time that I would then blend together. I will post some of my favorite baby food recipes soon.

You can definitely make your own baby food with a regular pot to steam the fruits and veggies and a good blender, but this gadget just helps to simplify things. Based on the food you are cooking, it tells you how much water to add and then automatically stops steaming when it is done. I used this at first to make purees and then just used it to quickly steam foods like sweet potato, apples and green beans.

Baby Food Storage

If you decide to make your own baby food, you will need containers to freeze and store your baby food. Since you are making fresh food without preservatives, you will freeze a batch and take out each serving of food the day before you need it to thaw. I have KIDDO FEEDO Food Storage Containers – Multipurpose Freezer Tray to Freeze Baby Food, Herbs, Ice Cubes, Sauces etc. – BPA Free & FDA Approved – FREE eBook by Author/Dietitian – Gray to freeze a batch of food. Then, I also got the Wean Green Wean Cubes 4oz/120ml Baby Food Glass Containers – Multi Color (Set of 4) to store and serve her food. I use the Wean Green Cubes for her daycare lunches now and even ended up buying another set.

Silicone Plates & Bowls

Most dishes for kids are made out of plastic, so I found 100% silicone plates from oogaa that we love. They are sturdy, dishwasher safe and come in fun colors. We have the oogaa Silicone Baby Feeding Bowl Silicone – Purple and the oogaa Silicone Baby and Toddler Divided Plate – Green. You have to be careful when buying silicone dishes as many of them have fillers and aren’t actually 100% silicone. You can test this out by pulling and twisting them. If you see any white when it stretches out, your dishes are not 100% silicone.

thinkbaby Sippy Steel Bottle

We had to send sippy cups to daycare when she turned 1, and I found these thinkbaby Sippy Steel Bottle, Silver stainless steel sippy cups from thinkbaby. Once she started drinking milk on her own in her highchair, I was worried about her dropping her glass bottle at daycare, and I love these because they are unbreakable!

If you like the stainless steel cups, they also sell the thinkbaby Stainless Steel Baby Bottle, Silver, 9 Ounce as a regular bottle and with a straw thinkbaby Thinkster Steel Bottle, Silver. All of the thinkbaby cups are interchangeable so they grow with your child. We did not use these as our bottles, but we have the sippy cups and straw cups now.

I also got these Munchkin Miracle Stainless Steel 360 Sippy Cup, Pink, 10 Ounce now that she is learning to drink out of a regular cup.


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